K-Pop fans have mixed emotions as MoChul’s breakup trends on Twitter

July 08th, 2021

TWICE’s banger song “What is Love?” seems like the best song to describe love as another K-Pop idol couple was confirmed to have parted ways. 

Super Junior’s Heechul and TWICE’s Momo have been confirmed to have broken up after a year and a half of dating, as verified by their agencies Label SJ and JYP Entertainment. The reason for their breakup was reported to have been due to their busy schedules, with both agencies not giving any more details as “it is the artists’ private life.” 

Kim Heechul and Hirai Momo both denied reports of their relationship until January 2, 2020, when both of their agencies confirmed that they were indeed dating after their senior-junior idol relationship. 

K-Pop fans around the world have mixed emotions with this news as topics of “Momo”, “Heechul”, and “MoChul” have trended (and are still trending) on Twitter. While some were saddened with the news of the idol couple ending their relationship, others were overjoyed and even celebrated the fact that TWICE’s Momo was “finally free”. 


One of the main reasons why K-Pop fans and ONCEs were elated over the news of the idol couple’s breakup was because they disapproved of their huge age gap, with Heechul being 37-years old (turning 38 this Saturday) and Momo being 24-years old. While there’s nothing wrong with the age gap since they’re both consenting adults, fans believe that Momo was “forced” into the relationship. 

Others were quick to defend both idols, saying that they’re delusional for even thinking that way and that they’re forgetting that these idols don’t even know them. 

Whatever the real reason is, let’s hope for Heechul and Momo’s happiness. At least they have their respective k-pop groups to turn to. (RIP my MoChul heart tho)


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