ARMYs cry #ApologizeMikeSilverio over racism controversy

ARMYs are demanding an apology from a Paraguayan presenter, Mike Silverio, and media outlet ABC Digital after they criticized BTS on their work in the music industry. 

Silverio claimed in his program that BTS “are not very good at what they do because they make songs with a formula like Professor Utonium creating the Powerpuff Girls.”

He also added that the idol’s songs are a mix of songs that have already been heard before.

Meanwhile, ABC Digital accused the South Korean boy group of chart manipulation, a reason why they topped the US music charts with their new track “Butter.”

The article contained allegations about the strategy of BTS for their new track “Butter” claiming that the group’s tactic was to “sell cheap and buy in bulk.”

This follows another article that accused BTS and ARMY of rendering pop music charts as “useless.”

Fans have raised issues of racism against the Paraguayan reporter and took over online platforms with the #ApologizeMikeSilverio, #ApologizeABCCOLOR and #RACISMISNOTCOMEDY.

Meanwhile, fans believe that the article produced by the Paraguayan reporter are forms of “tabloid and unsupported” information aimed to damage the image of the boy group BTS.

So far, neither Silverio nor ABC Digital gave a response or an apology towards the K-pop group.




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