13-year-old Jenna Rink is turning 30 this year, feel old yet?

April 02nd, 2021

The time has finally come, Christa B. Allen who played teenage Jenna Rink on ’13 Going on 30′ is turning 30 this year.

The actress behind the younger counterpart of 13 Going on 30’s protagonist has been seen paying tribute to the beloved movie on TikTok. Now, Allen has reminded us of how many years have past as she recently took to the platform to say that she was turning 30-years-old this year.


♬ everyone using this sound – zup

This April actually marks the 17th anniversary since the release of ’13 Going on 30′. The 2004 chick flick starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo has gone down as a classic favorite — with the movie receiving multiple nods over the years (remember Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ music video).

Since her debut on the movie, Christa B. Allen went on to reprise her role as the younger version of Jennifer Garner in ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’. I guess the resemblance really was uncanny.

She also co-starred in ABC’s drama series ‘Revenge’ as Charlotte Grayson.

More recently, she’s garnered a presence for herself on TikTok with 1.4 million followers.


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