Filipino studio Chikon Club announces new cooking game ‘Soup Pot’ for Xbox

April 01st, 2021

Cooking has become a creative outlet for many of us in lockdown as we look for new ways to spice up our meals at home, and Chikon Club aims to capture that very essence in ‘Soup Pot’ — all without the hassle of washing the dishes afterwards.

The Philippine-based indie studio behind viral games such as ‘Putahe ng Ina Mo’ and ‘Naga’ recently announced their upcoming game set to release on Xbox this year. ‘Soup Pot’ is a unique cooking game that emphasizes on creativity where players are given the freedom to prepare their dishes in any way they want.

With over 100 recipes from Philippine, Korean, and Japanese cuisine, players will get to discover and experiment with a wide range of traditional ingredients.

Much like the typical Filipino kitchen, the game contains hilarious features that will surely make for a chaotic cooking experience. ‘Soup Pot’ takes the same mechanics of ‘Putahe ng Ina Mo’ where ingredients say their names when you pick them up. The developers also teased the challenge of salvaging an ingredient within 5 seconds if they fall on the floor.

In a press release for Xbox, Gwen Foster (Technical Director and Co-Founder) of Chikon Club shares that they encourage players to have fun with their creations as the best part of cooking is experimentation.

“You won’t get kicked out of the kitchen or get a “game over” for trying new things, even if they don’t work out as you’d planned.”

‘Soup Pot’ is set to come out later this year in August.


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