The rising cases of dropped earphones among railway stations in Japan

November 05th, 2020

Imagine you’re in a hurry towards work or someplace you have to be. You’re wearing your newly purchased wireless earphones on the commute but then it slipped out of your ears when you’re running to catch the train. They have fallen down the railway tracks and there’s no chance to get it back. 

via The Japan Times

Now it seems that you’re not the only one who has experienced the same dilemma.

via The Japan Times

At the moment, railway companies in Japan are having problems retrieving wireless earphones that are constantly being dropped onto railway tracks. In Tokyo, there have been a whopping 950 cases of dropped earphones at train stations.

via The Japan Times

The number of cases of dropped earphones increased from July to September according to the East Japan Railway Co. or JR East.

The railway company said that it’s hard to retrieve the dropped earphones. Other railway companies such as the Tokyu Corp, Keio Corp, and Japan Railway Co. are also facing the same issues. According to them, it’s burdensome to retrieve those items.

via The Japan Times

Because of this seemingly perennial problem, JR East started to develop a vacuum cleaner device to pick up the dropped earphones from the railway. 

via The Japan Times

The senior official of JR East reminds customers that they should ask the railway staff to collect the dropped items rather than picking it up themselves to avoid dangerous accidents.

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