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WATCH: Mom falls through ceiling while daughter sings for TikTok video

September 06th, 2020

A teen’s melodic singing on TikTok was unceremoniously interrupted when her mother’s leg busted through the ceiling.

Liz San Millan, 18, was taking a video of herself practicing for auditions when the unexpected happened. She is set to study musical theater in New York, Buzzfeed News reported on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

As she began singing, her mother’s leg suddenly made a cameo after it fell through the ceiling, startling San Millan. The TikTok video posted on Aug. 29 has been viewed 7 million times as of writing.


live footage of my mom telling me to break a leg #FreezeFramePhoto #GardenProject #shesokay #breakaleg #ceiling #musical #fyp

♬ original sound – lizjsm_

Her mom was in the attic searching for luggage that San Millan could use for her move to New York when she tripped on a wooden beam and burst through the drywall. Thankfully, she was unscathed by the accident.

“Not even a scratch,” said San Millan.

Her dad has attempted to fix the ceiling with duct tape, she said in an update on TikTok. The result is as ineffective as one would imagine.

Her mom, meanwhile, has been enjoying how people have been responding to the videos and goes through comments and duets.

“She was trying to hear you better,” quipped one @emilyferrie.

Another commenter, @nate_nielsen, could not hold back a pun: “You really brought the house down.” JB


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