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ZARA China offers ‘Poké ball high heels’ that, honestly, look good on your feet

June 24th, 2020

Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) is a multi-billion media franchise that features fictional ‘pocket monsters’ like Pikachu, Charizard, Bulbasaur, and other characters with wildly weird-but-cute names. In the Pokemon world,  these pocket monsters are caught and kept by trainers in order to win battles and collect badges. As it is a money-making franchise, Pokemon even has official merchandise sold through Pokémon Center, where super kawaii Pokemon characters in plush toys, action figures, mugs, and even tumblers are offered.

Other sites have also adopted the Japanese anime brand and are now offering their own unique Poke-items–including these Poké Ball high heels from an online retailer based in China.

Photo credit: ZARA Mainland China

According to a report from SoraNews24, the © Elf Poké Ball-shaped heel elastic booties cost 20,000 yen (Php 9,400), but since the shop is currently on sale, you can buy it for 13,000 yen (Php 6,000) only. However, due to current logistic constraints, the item can only be shipped within Mainland China. The footwear is reportedly made of 89% polyester fiber and 11% spandex.

The available sizes vary from 36 to 42 while the heel height is 5 cm tall (1.9 inches).

Photo credit: ZARA Mainland China

Photo credit: ZARA Mainland China

Free shipping may apply for orders more than ¥ 19,900 (Php 9,300). You can check the full instructions on the delivery, exchange, return, and shipping methods here.


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