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Doctor finds a ‘black forest of fungus’ inside patient’s ear–and you won’t believe its cause

May 22nd, 2020

Aside from listening to music, most of you wear earphones just to avoid interactions with people, especially when commuting or working in the office. That way, these audio devices make you feel like you “privatize a public space.”

But there is some ugly truth to wearing earphones for a long time, and it’s shown in this unusual experience of a 10-year-old boy from Beijing, China.

Earlier this month, Unilad reported that the young boy felt a “discomfort” in his ears. He was taken to the hospital, wherein the doctor found out that there was a black forest of fungus inside his ear canal.

According to Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist Dr. Wu Yuhua who checked the child, it appears that the boy wore an unknown type of earplugs for a long period of time. The cause of the said fungal infection was the warm moisture trapped in his ear.

Dr. Wu shared some photos with the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Shunyi District to show what they’ve found inside.

Black forest of fungus. Photo credit: Asia Wire via Unilad

The boy also admitted to habitually picking his ear, making it possible for spores to transfer from his hand into his ear.

Moreover, Dr. Wu assured the patient will recover after the anti-fungal medication. He also advised people to always keep their ears dry to avoid this rare case of fungus growth in the human body.

Photo credit: Pixabay 

No one likes to experience this, so limit the use of earphones and clean them regularly.

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