Complete your everyday #ootd with this huge ‘surgical tote bag’

May 21st, 2020

Ever since the COVID-19 cases blew up, face or surgical masks have become a wardrobe essential for everyone. Whether you’re a frontliner or just an ordinary citizen, you need to have face masks close at hand.

But, due to the increased demand for masks, more and more people are coming up with innovative ideas—sometimes, crazy—for their DIY face masks. (Actually, we were not even surprised when we found out that there’s a Japanese fashion brand that sells “lace bra masks.”)

Ah, Japan. That’s expected. | via Giphy

So, to match your personalized mask and remain trendy amidst a pandemic, why not complete your #ootd with a surgical… tote bag?

An Indonesian fabric printing company, Arlie Percetakan Kain, designed a bag that looks exactly like the ubiquitous item….but bigger.

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Neh surgical mask gueh 😎. Buat PSBBmu seasik mungkin. Sama-sama tote bag (swipe right) tetapi bisa dikreasikan dari segi bentuknya, gak melulu dari segi desainnya. Jika mau berkreatif lewat bentuk akhir produk, ide menarik bisa muncul jika dicetak dengan gambar foto. Dulu sempet trend bantal buah, selimut makanan, dll. Coba barang sehari-hari apa yang unik kalau dijadikan bentuk produk tekstil? . . . #printkain #cetakkain #desain #kain #kainmotif #kainprint #customdesign #percetakankain

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Online users, of course, were quick to comment on Arlie’s newest product. One person suggested that “a backpack can also be used so that the other straps won’t be wasteful,” to which another one answered with, “do you want to sit there looking like a parachute?”

The photos, which went viral on Twitter, now has 15,000 retweets and 24,000 likes. Just in case you’re interested in their custom items, you may check out the website’s catalog.

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