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Mother-daughter movies you should watch this Mother’s Day

May 08th, 2020

Nothing is quite as special nor as sweet as a mother’s relationship with her daughter. From the moment her mother is able to dress her up in doll-like dresses to buying her daughter her first piece of jewelry, the bond between these two family members is one that’s meant to be cherished and celebrated. And for daughters, one simple way of celebrating Mother’s Day with the most important woman in your life is by bonding over these fun and heartwarming films.


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Merida and her mother Queen Elinor had always had a rocky relationship. Personally, she felt more in sync with her father who liked to hunt and explore. However, when a curse befalls Elinor, Merida will go on a life-altering journey that will not only discuss the true meaning of fate but it will also remind her of the love she shares with her mother.

Mamma Mia! 

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Although this musical is more focused on Donna’s confusion as to who the real father of her child is, the relationship between Donna and her daughter Sophie is one that’s sweet and endearing. You and your mom will especially feel emotional on the musical number “Slipping Through My Fingers.”

Freaky Friday

This movie from the early 2000s will have you remembering the days when you and your mom would argue over the smallest thing.

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This film–featuring the mother-daughter duo of Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee-Curtis–will leave you and your mom laughing out loud as the two exchange bodies.

Mother’s Day

No Mother’s Day celebration would be complete without watching this 2016 movie all-about the holiday!

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Featuring celebrities like Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, and Jennifer Aniston, this feel-good film will remind you of all the love and sacrifices your mother has done for you.

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