Here are simple yet meaningful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

May 12th, 2019

Mother’s Day is a celebration to honor and celebrate motherhood. It is also a day to show appreciation for our mothers and mother figures in the world. In the US and even here in the Philippines, the said occasion is often celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

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Compared to other jobs, being a mom is probably the hardest. Mothers have to take a lot of responsibilities—juggle one to three tasks a day, sacrifice her life to protect her children and ensure that they grow healthy and strong. And for moms, they want nothing but to see their children happy and successful in life—whatever path they want to pursue.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we listed down different ways to make their day more memorable without spending too much money.

Prepare her favorite breakfast

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Every day, your mom has to wake up early just to prepare your breakfast. That’s why this Mother’s Day, it’s time to return the favor by preparing her favorite food. And you can make this more special by bringing the food to her bed. 

Spend quality time with her

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Usually, we barely spend time with our moms because of our hectic work schedule. This Mother’s Day, you can go to church together or take her to a nice restaurant where you can talk about anything and make up for lost time. 

Give her a break

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Being a mother means accepting the fact that you are no longer the center of your own universe—that’s why you have to be selfless and more responsible for your actions. So this Mother’s Day, express your love and appreciation by giving your mother her own #MeTime. You can actually do this just by letting your mom rest for a little while by doing the household chores for her.

Help other moms in need

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The celebration of Mother’s Day is not only for those people who can afford to buy expensive gifts. This is a day to remember all the sacrifices that our mothers have done for us. Aside from that, it’s also the perfect time to help other moms in need by simply donating anything that they can use./TV

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