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‘Masquerade’: A poem by Lydia ‘Dada’ D. Lopez

April 07th, 2020

This POP! Creators entry was sent in by Lydia “ Dada “ D. Lopez, a full-time wife and mother.

Here’s her poem entitled Masquerade:


She dreams of a faraway place
Where she can watch sunsets or dance in the rain
Live life at her own pace
And not worry about what she could lose or gain.

Sometimes her life gets too complicated
She wants to get away from it all
But she’s trapped and frustrated
She fakes a smile and tries to walk tall.

In her past life perhaps she was a clown
‘Cause she’s not one to frown
She dances with the music
She makes her own music
Is this just her disguise?
The answer is in her eyes.

POP! Creators/ Lydia “ Dada “ D. Lopez


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