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Art museum asks people to recreate famous artworks using random objects at home

March 31st, 2020

If there’s one thing that life under lockdown is trying to remind us, it is that we can always find creative ways to keep ourselves entertained. In the first few weeks of isolation, establishments like zoos, theme parks, and schools came up with virtual tours and online classes so people could still explore the world even in the comfort of their homes. Meanwhile, celebrities and many of the general public found relief and entertainment in viral challenges. (We just hope that they’re not taking up the #CoronavirusChallenge because it’s gross.)

And to make our current situation less stressful, The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California, thought of starting an online fad that is completely different (and artsy, by the way) from the usual “quarantine games” we have witnessed over the past few weeks.

On Twitter, @GettyMuseum invited their followers to recreate a work of art using people and objects found inside their homes. The mechanics are simple but it will surely put everyone’s creativity to the test.

We challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home.

🥇 Choose your favorite artwork
🥈 Find three things lying around your house⠀
🥉 Recreate the artwork with those items

And share with us. pic.twitter.com/9BNq35HY2V

— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020

The tweet, which was reshared 5,000 times, just received the funniest and most resourceful entries. 

We stan.https://t.co/K3JVGpFPAJ pic.twitter.com/rIqXzr5hIK

— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020

The black and white filter takes this to another level.https://t.co/tA6fG0ylfo pic.twitter.com/agRCtgovLY

— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020

The three food groups: canned tuna, cheese, and olive oil.https://t.co/DErWcO2Kbe pic.twitter.com/vPv8VM5ZVG

— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020

Even the A & D to match Albrecht Dürer's signature.
https://t.co/xECK09Fu2C pic.twitter.com/okNSKaOgIu

— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020

Lo and behold, the new Madonna and Child

Madonna and child.https://t.co/ZbnVeToUPE pic.twitter.com/7Vkl91CF6D

— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020

This family included some unicorns because why not

The Virgin, Saint Elizabeth, and the Infants John the Baptist and Christ, but now with more unicorns…https://t.co/EUDgg7362Y pic.twitter.com/uSqoPFGF2d

— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 26, 2020

Apart from this challenge, the art museum also came up with #museumgames to keep the art-loving community engaged. More of these, please!


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