Taiwan-based sports channel to replace NBA timeslot with basketball anime ‘Slam Dunk’

March 19th, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended social distancing to help slow the transmission of the virus in communities. And to do this, the public is encouraged to maintain at least a six-foot distance between you and other people. Everyone should also avoid crowds and large gatherings such as concerts, conferences, public transportation, weddings, and even sporting events.

Speaking of which, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced via Twitter the cancellation of its scheduled games due to the increasing number of players who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Because of the league-wide suspension, television stations need to find alternative programs to remedy the situation. With careful thinking and planning, Taiwan-based TV sports channel ELTA TV Sports HD came up with a clever idea to replace NBA timeslot with classic anime series, Slam Dunk.

The Japanese anime gained its popularity in the ’90s because of its characters that are mostly based on NBA. The story revolves around the struggle and journey of a high school team to become the best star players.

On a Facebook post made by the ELTA, two episodes of Slam Dunk will be aired for a month, starting March 14 at 7 pm.

#疫情報告 誰說體育台沒有東西可以播的…今晚起,每日1900,連播兩集!😎晚間2230 精彩重播 👍 隔日1200 再看一次 👍鎖定愛爾達體育1台200頻道 (本節目因版權僅限MOD機上盒播出)#灌籃高手#沒NBA的防疫對策#體育賽事#請大家分享#裕偉長勳主播常常為了愛爾達流川楓稱號吵架幼稚鬼

Posted by 愛爾達體育家族 on Saturday, March 14, 2020


Fans will surely be excited to see the Shohoku High School basketball team again—which consists of  Takenori Akagi, Coach Anzai,  Kaede Rukawa, and of course, Hanamichi Sakuragi. 

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