Google Chrome has an extension that enables friends to have a ‘Netflix Party’

March 19th, 2020

You’re basically stranded inside your home, you can’t even invite your friends over to binge watch on Netflix because of social distancing, and you’re bored out of your wits—so what do you do?

Well Google Chrome has an extension called Netflix Party wherein you can stream simultaneously with your friends that latest movie or series you’ve wanted to watch together but never had the chance to because of the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

Google Chrome has had that extension for years but it earned renewed interest recently in light of the virus outbreak that’s got everyone on self-quarantine. The extension allows users to watch Netflix remotely with friends because it synchronizes playback and even adds a group chat.

So if you’re craving for some form of social interaction amid all these lockdowns and curfews and panic buying, check out Netflix Party. The only challenge you’ll have is whether you’re all in sync with what you’re going to watch.

Again, the extension enables Netflix watch parties. You may have to temporarily postpone Netflix and Chill parties, though.


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