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People use liquid soap as alternative to treadmills while on quarantine

March 18th, 2020

Avoiding places with large crowds, particularly in poorly ventilated places, is one of the simplest yet effective ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. That is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) keeps on reminding us to keep a safe distance between ourselves and others—or in other words, social distancing.

Apart from malls and public transport, people are also skipping the gym to steer clear of the virus. With the number of people who go to the gym every day, can you just imagine the germs and bacteria that you can pick up from your favorite equipment?

Disgusting, right?/via GIPHY

But to those who really want to stay fit even while on quarantine, Firas Maksadan (an adjunct professor at George Washington University in Washington D.C.) came up with a makeshift treadmill using liquid soap. Yes.

No more gym. Just this every morning #QuarantineLife #coronapocolypse #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/dpfczRCE0B

— Firas Maksad (@FirasMaksad) March 16, 2020

First, he spilled some water and liquid soap on the floor.

Screengrab from: Firas Maksad via Twitter

And then walked on it as if he was on a treadmill.

Screengrab from: Firas Maksad via Twitter

The video, which now has 12.2K tweets and 55.8K retweets, has been receiving mixed reactions from Twitters since it was uploaded on Maksad’s account. Some online users said that “this made my day,” while another person responded with a link to the same idea posted six months ago.

Although it looks like a repurposed content and a dangerous alternative to the gym, some people are doing everything (in their most “creative” way) to cope with life under lockdown.


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