Lowkey savage Christmas sweaters that you can wear during family gatherings

December 16th, 2019

Christmas celebrations don’t always mean fun and games. And for Filipinos, reunions can become dreadful events especially when your titos (uncles) and titas (aunties) start asking you the same question every damn year–or worse, make that unsolicited comment about your size.

As the saying goes, “you can choose your friends, but you sho’ can’t choose your family.” So, when the situation gets infuriating, how will you respond to them without sounding disrespectful? In time for Christmas, Teespring, an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to create and sell products online, sells a lineup of ugly Pinoy Christmas sweaters.

via Teespring

Although the creators behind these hilarious sweaters remain anonymous, we believe that these are the most savage yet lowkey ways to respond to your relatives’ annoying comments.

For your tita who keeps bringing up how much you’ve gained weight

Or when they start asking, “Kailan ka mag-aasawa? (When will you get married?)”

When you only care about the lumpia 

and then more for the lumpia

Now you have the snappiest, quick-witted responses to your relatives’ “well-meaning” questions and inappropriate comments. Here’s to hoping that this time you get to have the last laugh!


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