Omame the buff cat. Image: Twitter/@cutenekosmama

WATCH: Freakishly buff cat flexes its ripped muscles

November 19th, 2019

A cat in Japan is giving some bodybuilders a run for their money.

Meet Mamedaifuku (Omame for short), the newest celebrity cat on the internet known for its ripped thigh muscles and its capability to stand on its own hind legs at will.

Buff cat

Omame the buff cat. Image: Twitter/@cutenekosmama

Omame broke the internet when a video of the cat ransacking its owner’s DVD player appeared on Twitter last Nov. 7. Omame’s body contorted in an attempt to reach and scratch something from the TV stand, revealing its muscles.

“What are you doing,” Omame’s owner, one @cute_nekomama said, as per Sora News 24 yesterday, Nov. 18.


我が子ながら、なんか気持ち悪い(笑)#何がしたいの#その姿勢よ#ムキムキ#カンガルーじゃないよね pic.twitter.com/pHlj7YMxzT

— ぷくてち (@cute_nekosmama) November 7, 2019

The cat’s stardom even reached the television screens. Its owner posted a snippet of the sculpted feline’s feature on TV last Wednesday, Nov. 13.


ありがとうございます✨#スッキリ#猫#お豆 pic.twitter.com/R1tb7fpKRy

— ぷくてち (@cute_nekosmama) November 13, 2019

Of course, Omame has also been a subject of the internet’s meme circulation. Here are some of the memes posted by @cute_nekosama from today and yesterday:

分身の術‼️👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 pic.twitter.com/AFLTIUeIsP

— ぷくてち (@cute_nekosmama) October 18, 2019

増殖するお豆👽 pic.twitter.com/NGRjDIR4mR

— ぷくてち (@cute_nekosmama) October 17, 2019

The cat’s owner always compares his cat to aliens, super villains or cartoon characters, as per report. Omame was originally abandoned shortly after birth. Luckily, the rescued cat grew up to be a friendly pet who loves humans. Cha Lino/JB


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