Mee the cat riders owner's backpack to school every day. Image: Instagram/izumo.h12130209

WATCH: Cat rides owner’s school backpack as daily morning ritual

November 03rd, 2019

A cat in Japan named Mee has been riding her six-year-old owner’s backpack every morning since she was a kitten. The two often walk to school together, as per a Net Lab report via SoraNews24 yesterday, Nov. 2.

Cat Japan

Mee the cat rides owner’s backpack to school every day. Image: Instagram/izumo.h12130209

Mee appears to be comfortable with her selected mode of transportation, as depicted in photos showing them walking out of the house and on to the street, posted on the owner’s Instagram (@izumo.h12130209) last Friday, Nov. 1.

Mee climbed her companion’s randoseru (a type of backpack commonly used by Japanese elementary school children) with complete ease as seen on their adventure, posted on Instagram, Sept. 30. The walk serves as a sort of ritual for the two.

Mee’s owner showed two photos of them together, two years apart, last August.

It is unclear, as per report, whether or not Mee accompanies her owner inside the school grounds, or if the boy’s parents take Mee back home with them. JB


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