Usapang Lalaki: A safe space to talk about gender issues 

November 11th, 2019

This year, we saw some major gender issues in the country that affect men and women alike steer our day-to-day conversations. These include hazing in fraternities and in the military, leaks of frat group chats with lewd comments on women, and the persistence of the PUA Academy, which teaches men to objectify and seduce women for a steep price.

One group, Usapang Lalaki (UL), seeks to openly discuss these issues beyond the constraints of heated online debates. UL recognizes that men should be included in such conversations and allows them to learn about gender issues without judgment. It does not have the answers, but believes that asking the right questions in a safe space can bring people and good ideas together.

UL held its first gathering in February 2019 and has since held 5 public conversations with up to 35 attendees per event. Its year-end event “Patingin Naman ng Ethics Mo!” aims to talk about the community UL has created and allow participants old and new to develop the community and the ethics surrounding it.

Join Usapang Lalaki for “Patingin Naman ng Ethics Mo!” at Co-Space Katipunan on Saturday, November 16, 6-10 p.m. The event will hold a speed-dating activity and a review of past topics discussed. Entrance is free—just bring friends and bring food to share! RSVP here and check out the Facebook page Usapang Lalaki for more information.


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