Doggo lovers can’t get over this sweet potato stall in Hokkaido, Japan

August 16th, 2019

Most pet lovers would agree that Hachiko is everyone’s favorite doggo from Japan. He is admired by people all over the world that a bronze statue was even built in remembrance of his loyalty. But have you heard of Ken Kun the vendor doggo?  He might be Hachiko’s great-great-grandson! Kidding aside, Ken Kun is another doggo to love from the “Land of the Rising Sun.” 

via Grape Japan

Ken Kun is a smart and reliable Shiba Inu who runs his own sweet potato business in Japan. He attends to his customers by popping up on the counter—a total treat of cuteness indeed! “Dog’s Sweet Potato Shop” is a small and cozy stall that sells roasted sweet potato along a small street in Hokkaido.

Since an honesty policy is imposed in the store, roasted sweet potatoes are displayed in a heat-sealed container outside while the customers can drop their 100 yen payment in a cash box. Although it’s prone to deceit, the sales of the shop continue to flourish.

But who would even lie to an adorable fluff ball, right? / via GIPHY

The vendor doggo became an instant superstar after photos of him while manning the stall went viral on Twitter. And since then, the humble stall has been featured in Japanese TV shows and articles all over the world. 


The next time you visit Japan, don’t forget to include “Dog’s Potato Shop” in your itinerary!

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