Teletubbies’ ‘Sun Baby’ randomly posts a picture with a kid, confuses Twitter users

July 29th, 2019

“Teletubbies”, a British pre-school children’s television series, is one of the reasons why 90s kids had the best childhood. The show revolves around the everyday adventures of  Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po who all reside in the Teletubbyland. The main characters co-exist not just with animals but also with the “Sun Baby” who shows up at the beginning and end of each episode.

Although it has already been 18 years since its final episode, some of us might be wondering what the other cast members have been up to lately. And to give you a “glimpse” of their lives, one of the characters had recently captured everyone’s attention—and that’s because of a misunderstanding.

The teletubbies sun baby has a baby. pic.twitter.com/z7P3vMKVCW

— thatUnkoolKid👀 (@Lu_Lams_) July 20, 2019

Along with the caption that says: “The Teletubbies sun baby has a baby,” @Lu_Lams_ also posted then and now pictures of Jess Smith who was the Sun Baby during its original 1997-2001 run. According to Teletubbies Fandom, Smith was only 9-months-old when they filmed the first few episodes of the children’s series. Now that she’s 23, online users assumed that the baby she’s holding in the photo was her kid.

Feel old yet??/via GIPHY

While everyone couldn’t help but feel old about the news (which is true, we are all getting old!) the truth really is that the Sun Baby didn’t have a baby. In an article published by USA Today, the official “Teletubbies” Twitter account confirmed that “no, the Teletubbies sun baby didn’t have a baby.”

.@gregjames This is the original Sun Baby, Jess Smith, with our new Sun Baby, Berry! Seeing Jess all grown up makes us feel old too! 😲 https://t.co/zrsHzhW0YO

— Teletubbies (@TeletubbiesHQ) July 22, 2019

The account clarified that the baby, whom Jess is holding in the photo, is the new sun baby, Berry–and she will be cast into the “Teletubbies” reboot! Whether the news has all made us feel old, one thing is for sure: 90s kids will definitely be excited and feel nostalgic about the upcoming new episodes!

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