Student complains about swimsuit, realizes she’s been wearing it the wrong way

July 02nd, 2019

Expectations don’t always match reality—and that’s the truth about online shopping. Although we are no longer a stranger to stories about customers getting the wrong item, there are still instances when online shops proved to be worthy of our hard-earned cash.

But for 20-year-old Lindsey Brown from Glasgow, Scotland, her online purchase had left her in an ordeal that she would (obviously) not forget. According to METRO, Brown, who happens to be a fashion branding student, ordered a swimsuit from an online shop called Pear Swimwear.

via Pear Swimwear

At first, there was nothing wrong about the swimming garment—it looks exactly like its photos on the site and it fits her perfectly. However Brown was still dissatisfied with her purchase after realizing that her “stylish” swimwear had put her in a rather awkward situation. A Twitter user posted screenshots of messages in which Brown could be seen complaining to the brand.

thank god lyndsey got chucked out ocean after this pic.twitter.com/br28wBoMJi

— emma (@emmmamilroy) June 29, 2019

To prove a point, Brown mentioned that it was such a bad experience since her private area was “hanging out constantly.” Shortly after sending her complaint, the brand responded to Brown telling her that she had worn it incorrectly. 

“Hi Lyndsey, I’m really sorry you were embarrassed by your swimsuit. I have had a look at the picture you have sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside down. The swimsuit you have ordered is this one and should look like this.”  While everyone is cracking up over the swimsuit mishap, Brown turned to Twitter to clarify what really happened down there.

“I went to Ocean Beach wearing the swimsuit in perfect condition and the CORRECT way—had too much fun with alcohol, went to the toilet a few hours later and put my swimsuit on upside down WITHOUT KNOWING. I then got kicked out after this for being a lightweight NOT a tramp.”

“Howling I was wanting a refund on that swimsuit thinking it was faulty,” she added.

Even though she had worn it the wrong way, she still looked confident and classy in her animal print swimsuit.


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