The “hands-free tapioca” challenge features holding a drink on your breasts. Image: Twitter/@maaysk1220

Boobs become cup holders in this ‘hands-free’ internet challenge

June 20th, 2019

A “hands-free tapioca” challenge has become the solution for Japanese netizens who may be tired of holding their drinks.

The challenge began with an illustration on June 10 from manga artist Kiseki Himura where his character is seen drinking milk tea from a cup on her boobs.

月曜日のたわわ その225 『手放しタピオカ』 pic.twitter.com/0znSChJpa3

— 比村奇石@C96月曜西れ-20 (@Strangestone) June 10, 2019

Himura’s sketch piqued netizens’ curiosity if breasts can be used as a drink holder in real life. Using the hashtag “hands-free tapioca”, translated in a report from AsiaOne on June 18, people tried it out for themselves.

Twitter user @archepro proved it can be done on June 13.

みんなどうやってんの!#手放しタピオカ#あべみかこ pic.twitter.com/IyZmymBxqi

[email protected]女優プロダクション (@archepro) June 13, 2019

While the “hands-free tapioca” challenge seems to fit the more well-endowed, it did not stop others from putting their own twist. Twitter user @harehireho showed a video where she balanced her juice box on her chest while lying down.  

胸に飲み物置いて飲むくらい私でも出来るんだが??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????#手放しタピオカ pic.twitter.com/HMVQDw14VP

— ハレヒレホ (@harehireho) June 13, 2019

A netizen with the handle @llumium did not reveal a photo; instead, the artist released a sketch on Monday, June 17 of video game character Kirby attempting the challenge.

Kirby tries #手放しタピオカ 🥤 pic.twitter.com/vjtD50LWgY

— allumium (@llumium) June 17, 2019

Besides women joining the challenge, the hashtag has inspired more anime doodles of characters balancing a cup of milk tea on their chests. NVG


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