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New cinema in Switzerland offers a home-like movie experience

May 14th, 2019

Big white screen, chattering moviegoers, and popcorn boxes are usually the things that you’ll see in a movie theater. However, there will always be an instance when watching your favorite movie at the cinema often leads to falling asleep.


Recently, Cinema Pathé, which is a film company based in Switzerland, opened a VIP room cinema. Complete with eleven double beds, sheets, and pillows, this bedroom area of the cinema complex offers nothing but a home-like movie experience. According to a report, each bed is equipped with a unique feature called “electronically adjustable headrests.”

And to those who want to try it out, the regular ticket is worth 19.50 francs (Php 1,013) while the VIP costs 49 francs (Php 2,550).

Photo credit: 20 Minuten

Photo credit: 20 Minuten

In an interview with 20 Minuten, Venanzio Di Bacco, CEO of Pathé Switzerland, said that “The hygiene aspect is very important to us.”

When asked about the possible sexual activities, “The offer is unique in Switzerland. But we tested the concept abroad and had no problems so far. ”

On the other hand, the company also offers children’s cinema where they can play on the slide, enjoy in a ball pit and even relax on beanbags.

Photo credit: 20 Minuten

Photo credit: 20 Minuten

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