‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ as these ants steal cooked shrimps

May 09th, 2019

Despite their tiny size, ants are even stronger than you can imagine. In fact, they are just one of those capable creatures that could carry around 10-50 times their body weight. So the next time you see an ant, never ever underestimate its strength to lift up objects.

Recently, Facebook user Klarck Niall Tacalan shared his close encounter with an army of ants in action. The album, which now has 25,000 likes, 6,000 comments, and 36,000 shares, shows pictures of ants carrying cooked shrimp.

Lagi nalang ako ang napag bibintangan pag nawawala ang ulam. Kaya nag imbistiga ako.I🤔

Posted by Klarck Niall Tacalan on Friday, May 3, 2019

The now-viral post is captioned, “Lagi nalang ako ang napag bibintangan pag nawawala ang ulam. Kaya nag imbistiga ako. (Since I always get blamed every time our viand is missing, I have decided to investigate.)”

Tacalan told InqPOP! that the funny incident happened while he was at a friend’s house. Since his friend was busy looking after his 29-year-old sibling with cerebral palsy, the food was left unattended.


While most people were having a good laugh at their remarkable strength, some pointed out the important life lessons that we can all learn from ants. One Facebook user commented that “Buti pa langgam nagtutulungan, yung ibang pinoy/pinay ng hihila pababa. (Ants help each other, unlike those Pinoys/Pinays who bring each other down.)” And then another person replied with, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

But for Tacalan, the ants were more than just a symbolism of teamwork—what he had witnessed was also a reflection of his friends’ resilience.

“Nakita ko rin kasi ‘yung traits nung mga langgam, na sobrang strong kahit hirap na hirap na, parang visual illustration sila nung mga taong nakatira dito sa bahay. As well as, dominant traits na sa Filipino lang makikita. (I saw how strong they are even though they are struggling. It was like a visual illustration of those people living there—as well as the dominant trait of Filipinos.)


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