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This controversial post about donuts shows how Filipinos can’t pass up a good deal

March 20th, 2019
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Generally, we, Filipinos, love a good deal. We are so fond of purchasing products at a discounted price, looking for coupons in seasonal sales, and of course, making “tawad” (haggle) for an item we’d like to buy.

So, it’s not surprising that the most recent discount craze to hit the metro is the anniversary promo of a famous donut shop – wherein buyers can take home 2 dozen pieces of donuts for only PHP 500 (approximately $9.4USD). With this, the branches of the prominent donut shop were mobbed by buyers who eagerly waited in long queues to avail the promo.

However, the supposedly “sweet treat” caused outrage among netizens because of a post made by Facebook user Karla Singson. The post went viral with more than 23,000 shares and 46,000 reactions because of Singson’s caption – “Who else thinks their time is only worth Buy 1 Take 1 donuts?

Who else thinks their time is only worth Buy 1 Take 1 donuts? 😂Remember, you can always afford donuts. You can…

Karla Singson 发布于 2019年3月14日周四


According to some netizens, the post sounded “elitist and judgmental.” They also mentioned that since Singson is privileged, she will never understand why people patronize the product’s markdown deals.

Singson told InqPOP!, “My message was not directed to the poor. There was never even a mention of the word poor. On another level, even if it is, it was meant to give them a different perspective. I came from a poor family too, but when I valued my time more, I got better at handling my life in general.”

Despite the negative remarks, there are other netizens who understood Singson’s point-of-view.

Whether you agree or disagree with Singson’s statements, just remember that how you choose to spend your time and money accurately reflects what you value most in life – and we should respect each other’s choices and opinions when it comes to that.

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