From ‘UPdate’ to ‘Ateneut,’ is this a battle of dating sites?

December 03rd, 2018

Recently, the internet has been overflowing with massive hype and school spirit from two competing universities—the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University.

Now the “Battle of Katipunan” has definitely gone a little further after two local dating apps came out amidst the intense basketball competition.

Last month, the University of the Philippines launched “UPdate,” a dating app made exclusively for the student body. Developed by UPboiz, the app’s main objective is for everyone to build “meaningful relationships” with each other.

Although students may be required to enter their school e-mail address when creating their profiles, the said app is not affiliated with the university.

UPdate is now out on Play Store!

UPdate is a dating app exclusive to students of University of the Philippines. Join UPdate now and build meaningful relationships!

Download now at https://t.co/nwAJYcWgtj
For more updates, like our FB page: https://t.co/ngyjA8zMVY pic.twitter.com/X50ZXStQur

— UPdate (@_UPdateApp) November 7, 2018

And a few days after the official launch of “UPdate,” a new dating website was born on November 28, with a name that sounds like a Katipunan-based university. The new dating service called Ateneut has a user interface that looks like Facebook and Tinder.

The dating app’s logo bears a resemblance to Tinder while its functions are similar to Facebook. Just like any other social media apps out there, creating an account on Ateneut is as easy as ABC: sign-up, add a friend, then start chatting.

Mga ka-ateneut great news!https://t.co/4tYv8vqIvg is now live!

Android & iOS will soon be available so stay tuned 🙂 pic.twitter.com/HldTFsaFRf

— Ateneut (@ateneut) November 28, 2018

Ateneut also lets users enter chat rooms, plan events, and engage in online discussions. Aside from that, it also enables users to monitor their encounters and matches.

Though it wasn’t clear who the exact developer is, a news source reported that it was developed by Harry Christian, a creative designer from Engagis Creatives who is also studying at Xavier University—Ateneo de Cagayan.

Apparently, Twitter users couldn’t help but ask their respective universities to “keep up.”

@HeidiAnn_27 pinag-uusapan lang natin ito last time e 🤣😂 Mapua keep up

— yansi (@yhncmtrrs) November 28, 2018

keep up mga taga FEU @sadboiii_jpeg

— ʀɪᴄᴀ (@ETHEREALlZED) November 28, 2018

And name proposals for their school’s app:

If Ateneo has Ateneut

— Red Apolonio (@imredap) December 2, 2018

Since a lot of users have been complaining about it, the app is currently undergoing a server upgrade. And according to the app’s official Twitter page, Ateneut has yet to be launched in Google Play Store and Apple Store.


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