Here’s how Instagram’s AI will back down bullies

October 12th, 2018

In this digital age, bullying or cyberbullying has long been a societal issue even before the existence of social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Recently, people have been talking about Insta followers, “feed,” and hashtags which are the most common terms related to this trendy thing. Instagram is a mobile app used to share photos and videos with a bunch of filters to choose from.

Well, Instagram users can publish videos and post personal pictures – from cute pups, family portraits and food porn photographs. However, like any other social network services, Instagram is becoming a platform for harassing or cyberbullying anyone.

That’s why the newly-appointed head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri and his team came up with an “anti-bullying weapon.” Mosseri’s plan to thwart bullying is by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to recognize harsh posts, comments, and captions.

Photo credit: Foetra

Aside from that, the algorithm can also detect offensive photos and filter out comments that violate the platform’s Community Guidelines, then the content will proceed to the human moderators for review.

Instagram’s positive reputation remains popular and rewarding; so, the main goal of the anti-cyberbullying measure is to keep the upbeat vibe of the platform compared to Facebook’s failing public trust.

The app’s new feature will roll out to coincide with the October’s National Bullying Prevention Month in the US and before UK’s Anti-Bullying Week.

Moreover, the social-sharing app aims to spread positivity by using the “Kindness Camera Effect” in selfie mode, hearts will fill the screen and invite users to tag or mention a friend they support.

This proactive effort inspires everyone to be nice and will help combat bullying, especially to young users.



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