New Mustard Music Track: Good Kid$ – Show Me (feat. TALA)

November 22nd, 2018
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Mustard music is proud to present its debut release: rapper-producer duo Good Kid$’s latest track’Show Me (feat. TALA)’, which also serves as their debut single under the label.

The duo, consisting of Gaby Singson (rapper/lyricist) and Bernie Margulies (producer), first came together after being introduced by a common friend. With each one seeking for the other to make music with, the Good Kid$ were born, having since been peforming gigs all over Metro Manila schools.

Among the sonic inspirations for the boys are J.cole, Goldlink, Mac Miller, Drake & Jaden Smith for Singson’s rap verses, and Monte Booker, Tom Misch, Nujabes, Goldlink, Masego, Leven Kali for Margulies’ production side.

Their latest track ‘Show Me’ is an upbeat song that tackles a point of view on how kids these days deal with a lot of drama – with issues such as having fake friends, betrayal, and even hints of love at a young age. Talking about the song, Gaby says “despite all the drama, I’d like to be shown all the good things in life that will help get a positive mindset to get through all that.”

Lending her vocals to the track is Universal Records talent TALA who provides a sweet take on the hook and in the verses as well. Together all three provide an infectious upbeat, and positive track that will be the soundtrack to a whole new generation.


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