Here are 7 encounters that prove Filipino customers are not always right

September 21st, 2018
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“The customer is always right,” is an oft-quoted catchphrase that was originally coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store in London. In the business world, it is typically being used to remind business owners or service staff to always prioritize customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is what entrepreneurs need to achieve customer loyalty — an essential ingredient of a successful business.  However, treating customers like they are always right can also be disadvantageous not just to the business itself, but to everyone as well. 

Recently, a twitter user wrote an appreciation post for the people who work in food, calling them “braver than the marines.”

Ppl that work in food are braver than the marines, I SALUTE you. Retail is hell but food…now that’s hell x100. I could never, I’d choke somebody.

— Zu (@ghetto004) September 12, 2018

Many — especially those who work in the food service — responded to the thread and shared their memorable encounters with…. rude customers.

Being a waitress was my worst job to this day. This one bitch complained about a milkshake that ‘wasn’t made correctly’ so I transferred the same milkshake into a different cup with a new straw and she said it was ‘much better’ lmao bye

— Nida (@enidajahaj) September 12, 2018

one of my favorite things about my job is customers asking if we sell wings..

i work at wingstop 🙃

— beth (@bdlsc_) September 13, 2018

Had a guy once tell me the salad tasted like the greens came straight from the bag. I told him “yeah our garden isn’t working today” … I got written up 🙄

— Techno Timmy Turner (@CervanteZyd) September 13, 2018

one time had a customer that kept complaining that his milkshake was too thick & we ended up having to put just milk with flavoring & he was like "finally, why couldn't you make it like this in the first place" 🙃

— cult voidfriend (@cestdarko) September 13, 2018

But such encounters happen everywhere — not just in other countries or in a specific industry. Since obnoxiousness easily spreads like a disease, Filipino servers also get a fair share of these experiences every day.



1. Filipino customers who make fun of or underestimate Visayans. 

on this episode of rude customers:

“was it have here or take away?”
“have here. anong accent yan? pinoy ka ba?”
“yes po”
“taga san ka sa atin?”
“cdo po”
“ah kaya pala”
“excuse me?”
“ay wala wala”


— Mai Tan (@maiidaze) May 3, 2018

2. Filipino customers who assume you don’t speak the language so they start talking nasty things about you.

Same thing with Filipino customers being rude as shit and then I say “Salamat” and then all of a sudden they wanna act like we’re friends 😒

— Mitchell Jasmin (@MitchellJasmin) November 9, 2017

I love getting rude Filipino customers that talk shit in Tagalog and then get surprised when I understand them :')

— francesca (@_sanfrancesca) September 17, 2018

3.  There are also Filipino customers who will put your patience to the test. 

All of my customers so far in my new job have been very kind and patient except for these two old filipino ladies who visited earlier today. They were fucking rude it was so infuriating 🙃

— ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄ (@anadanyellow) November 12, 2017

4. Filipino customers who demand “progress,” but can’t follow even the simplest rule: wait in line. 

Filipinos are the worst customers!! They’re so demanding, rude, and they never listen the first time !!! AND THEY CAN NEVER STAY THEY ASS IN LINE! Always cutting

— dadadalys🌹 (@abpmjrc) June 2, 2018

5. Filipino customers’ entitlement that is too much to handle. 

Dude I'm a Filipino but some Filipinos make our race look so bad. My customers always acting like they're all that & always so rude. Gtfo! 😤

— Maricon ✨ (@PrettyMuchAiko) April 17, 2015

it's so cringe worthy when I see some filipinos be so rude to people that work at customer service. I am so ashamed to say I'm your kind 🙄

— 🌹 (@pvnlv) May 31, 2017

6. Filipino customers who can’t seem to understand how a business works. 

Filipinos are the worst customers ever. They always want discount and are fucking rude and never comprehend anything anyone tells them

— MAR😈 (@m_rawwwwww) January 3, 2016

7. And Filipino customers power tripping on new service staff just because. 

Dealt with my first rush hour and first rude customer. Told her I was new&she still have me attitude. Filipinos can be so damn annoying!

— βΠΔSTΨ (@BeniceReguis) February 2, 2013

It’s not easy to deal with different people all day: the abrasive language, the incessant complaints and whatnots. While on the customers’ part, it’s also a challenge to stay nice after a pretty exhausting day. However, these awful situations shouldn’t be an excuse to evoke hostility or be rude towards other people. Whether you are the customer or the staff, it always pays to stay calm instead of lashing out.

Remember, life is too short to dwell on the negative.


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