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LOOK: Pinay educates the internet about her unusual allergy to cold

March 09th, 2018

The world is filled with peculiar allergies and diseases. We’ve seen cases of this online — from the typical peanut allergy to the bizarre cases of Aquagenic Urticaria. These conditions are real and many people face it on a daily basis.

Though some choose to hide their strange illnesses, this Pinay thought it would be better to educate netizens about her unusual allergy to the cold, known as Cold Urticaria.

Hello mga beshy! I just want to inform you na ang allergy sa lamig ay nag-eexist! Yeah right. May ganung allergy po…

Posted by Asne Marohombsar on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

As defined by the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information CenterCold Urticaria is a skin condition normally triggered by direct exposure to cold environments and temperatures (e.g. cold weather or swimming in cold water). And it manifests differently per person.   

“People with cold urticaria experience widely different symptoms. Some have minor reactions to the cold, while others have severe reactions. For some people with this condition, swimming in cold water could lead to very low blood pressure, fainting, or shock,” explains Asne Marohombsar in her Facebook post.

Photo Credit: Asne Marohombsar

Marohombsar has been struggling for four years with Cold Urticaria and her reactions often show in red, itchy welts across her arms, hands, and legs.

However, she remedies her allergic reactions by using antihistamine and sulfur soap.

“To be honest, I suggest to use Sulfur Soap na lang since anti-histamine is known as a drug and baka kakainom niyo yan, magkaroon kayo ng sakit sa kidney sa future. Kung ayaw nyo ng Sulfur Soap, then do the Tiiztiizine (tiis-tiisin). Mas okay din na magpacheck-up kayo sa doctor,” she writes in this Facebook post.

(To be honest, I suggest using sulfur soap more often than the antihistamine. Because antihistamine is a known drug and when used excessively, it can cause complications in the kidney. If you don’t want to use sulfur soap, then you might just have to deal with the itchiness and the discomfort. However, it’d be much better if you had your allergic reactions checked by a doctor first.)  

At the moment, there have only been a handful of cases of people with this kind of condition. Though it is reportedly treatable, Health Central suggests it can be potentially fatal if left untreated.  

“If a person who has CU jumps into a cold swimming pool, lake or pond, life-threatening anaphylaxis may follow. The resulting abrupt release of histamine and other substances may cause many blood vessels to dilate, and subsequently drop the blood pressure to a dangerously low level (vascular shock). Furthermore, the distress from this experience may cause drowning,” Health Professional James Thompson M.D. writes in Health Central.

If you feel that you might have Cold Urticaria, don’t leave it untreated. Consult your doctor immediately and take the necessary precautions to avoid future complications.

And remember, try and stay out of the cold!

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