Disney’s ‘Character Couture’ makeovers turn adults into real-life princesses

August 13th, 2018

Kids who have been to Disneyland might have experienced the joy of having a princess makeover.

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Wearing glittering dresses and tiaras on their heads, these children have certainly fulfilled their dreams of becoming Disney royalty.

This time around, Walt Disney World is no longer limiting its makeover services to children. Through the theme park’s new “Character Couture” makeover,  adults can finally be made over to look like their favorite Disney character.

According to Today, these makeovers begin with a consultation with the salon stylist. It then proceeds to the actual makeover wherein the customer can choose who they’d want to look like for the day. Their makeovers can range from being a Disney princess to becoming a rebel in the Star Wars franchise. And the results are just as magical as you would have imagined it to be.

Check them out:

Photo Credit: Today

Photo Credit: Today

Photo Credit: Today

Photo Credit: Today

The cost per makeover varies per design and can range from 50 USD to 120 USD (around 2,664 PHP to 6,394 PHP), as reported by People.

We definitely can’t wait to see adult visitors of the park turn into their Disney characters. Here’s to hoping they’ll look a lot like the original characters!

Photo Credit: Giphy


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