The creepy side of the #PlaneBae story

July 11th, 2018

While the story of possibly finding your love in the most spontaneous moments sounds charming and romantic; involving the whole world, specifically a million of social media users to watch you—that’s another story.

It was reported that the woman involved in the airplane romance saga livetweeted by a certain Rosey Blaire (@roseybeeme on Twitter) had been doxxed and harassed openly on her social media accounts:

it's not just about shyness! she was actually being harassed, insulted and attacked! please don't try to milk-and-toast what motivated this poor innocent civillian to back out of social media, this isn't a romance fanfiction pic.twitter.com/07Pbh0QQkZ

— seu menino, victor c (@seumeninovictor) July 6, 2018

Rosey Blaire herself and her partner seemed to have lap up all the short-lived fame this online fairy tale they concocted has given them, even going so far asking for jobs and a place on Buzzfeed. Per a report on The Observer:

Making things worse, Blair and her partner have fully thrown themselves into the post-virality cash-in part of the typical cycle, asking for jobs and hoping to parlay their micro fame into something bigger. Unsurprisingly, she tweeted she wants to work for Buzzfeed, the site that, perhaps more than any other, ushered in the era of corny, empty virality for virality’s sake.

Sure, the guy was seemingly comfortable—thankful, even—for all the attention he gained when he revealed his identity to the public. But how about the girl in the story? How about the privacy of their future relationship, if ever there will be one?

Here’s what netizens have to argue about the creepy side of this #PlaneBae story:

Maybe this means I'm no fun, but the whole story about the strangers meeting on the plane and having their entire interaction live tweeted for hours by a stranger seems so creepy and invasive and not at all cute.

— Ophelia Rises (@ophelia_rises) July 5, 2018

So. That plane bae thread that went viral a few days ago?

The guy was lauded and asked to go on interviews.

The girl was harassed and had to leave social media. She was attacked for doing the same things the guy is praised for.

Still think people treat men and women equally?

— Rin Chupeco (@RinChupeco) July 7, 2018

the aftermath of the plane love story thread with the creepy stalking

– the creep is the newest internet sensation, begging for a job at Buzzfeed
– the guy is going to radio shows, being called Plane Bae
– the girl was called a bitch and a skank on IG and was forced into hiding

— seu menino, victor c (@seumeninovictor) July 5, 2018

the “plane bae” people should be executed by firing squad

— dorto chipe (@dogboner) July 8, 2018

#PlaneBae is 🚮 He’s on a full-fledged media spree, accepting free flights & gifts, meanwhile the girl doesn’t want to participate in any of it but he’s doing it all anyway. A man that into himself can never be into anyone else. Find someone better girl.

— Jay (@jayne_tweets) July 6, 2018

Secretly recording people in public so you can exploit them later for content and viral fame is gross and everyone involved in the plane bae saga should be kicked off the internet except the poor woman who just wanted to be left alone.

— Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) July 6, 2018

"All she did was board a plane and chat with her seatmate. Now she is a public figure, a hashtag, a target. Millions of strangers on the internet want to know about her new fictional relationship"

Read @brosandprose on the whole plane bae thing https://t.co/HodABTrupi

— Brandon Wall (@Walldo) July 9, 2018

It’s not the most comfortable thing to happen when you’re simply doing your own thing in a plane, and the next day, the whole world is talking about a narrative of you forming a romance with a person you just met, even deeming as an “online celebrity” you didn’t consent to becoming.

At least the original poster, Rosey Blair, took initiative and took down her posts.


— Rosey Blair (@roseybeeme) July 10, 2018

May this serve as a reminder for all of us to 1) never become unwitting participants in voyeurism under the safety of our anonymity online, and 2) to always exercise critical faculties when going through viral content. As always, if something’s too good to be true, it probably is. InqPOP!/VT/Bea Constantino

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