These guys reveal what actually happens when men get together for a ‘seminar’

June 28th, 2018

Some people tend to think that when men get together, they’re always up to something, or that there would be drinking involved and talking about other women even if they are in a relationship or are already married.

But these guys wanted to change that idea by showing what actually happens whenever they tell their girlfriends and wives that they’ll be out for a trip.

Ang hindi alam ng mga misis at girlfriends, ganito ang nangyayari sa mga all boys na outing. Kaya sa susunod sana ma…

Posted by Lance Cua on Saturday, June 23, 2018

Lance Cua shared on Facebook what happens in an “all-boys outing” and said how their significant others should appreciate it whenever they go for a “seminar” on how to be a better boyfriend/husband.

In the photos, a list of rules is written on a white board that shows how these men can have a “Happy Wife” and possibly turn their lives into a happy one.

via Lance Cua

via Lance Cua

via Lance Cua

Aside from the lecture, there also seems to be a pray over for every man present in this “intervention”. Probably to bless every man to be a better person?

via Lance Cua

According to Cua, it all started with an inside joke, about how their wives need to see what really happens when they go out. His post instantly went viral online with women tagging their boyfriends or husbands and asking if the same thing happens in their gatherings, as well as pointing out how it should be an example for them.

“So our boss ‘life coach’ Sam Tolentino wrote the stuff on the board and asked us to sit down looking as if we were having a ‘seminar’. It’s just something that was meant for our wives and girlfriends, to let them know we were all being good boys. [It] was [supposed] to be a pakilig to the misis and then it became a little more than that,” he told InqPOP!

We’re betting many women would want to sign up their man for this kind of “educational” seminar.

Good job, boys.

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