LOOK: Las Piñas Barangay uses Wolverine in their circumcision project poster

April 03rd, 2018
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Wolverine is known to many as either the badass X-Men character with adamantium claws, the self-healing Marvel hero or the multi-talented actor Hugh Jackman.

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He’s a character you’d never once consider to be associated with the process of…circumcision.  CIRCUMCISION.

Well, the government officials in Barangay Pilar Village thought otherwise. In their ‘Project Tuli’ poster, they used Wolverine and a phallic-looking banana to explain the barangay’s latest venture.

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Barangay Pilar Village

As the poster explicitly suggests, this project involves providing circumcision procedures for Las Piñas residents. Though the intention might’ve been good, a lot of netizens could not seem to take the poster seriously!

Here are some of their most savage comments about it:

So congratulations Barangay Pilar Village, you’ve got the internet buzzing with your upcoming project! And here’s to hoping people don’t actually get to see Wolverine come circumcision day 😆


Via Giphy


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