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LOOK: These guys gave their female officemates bags of rice for Valentine’s Day instead of flowers, because why not

February 15th, 2018

Sometimes love is temporary but bigas is forever!

There are 3 kinds of people during Valentine’s Day. The first one revels in their love for their significant other through lavish dinners and heartfelt gifts.

Via Giphy

The second hates the entirety of Valentine’s Day as an event.

Via Giphy

The third kind, though, is the most lit during February 14: the Valentine’s Day pranksters.

These pranksters love to make the people around them LOL with their crazy shenanigans on the official ‘Day of Love.’ An example of this is the group of male employees at the B1G2 Technologies International Inc. office, who chose to give their female officemates bags of rice instead of flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s day ! So, we decided na imbis bulaklak ang ibibigay namin sa Female colleagues namin, isang kilong…

Posted by Junjun Santos on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In the Facebook post uploaded by Junjun Santos, this group of guys can be seen bringing in kilos of rice wrapped in individual bags for their female colleagues in the office. On each bag of rice was a note saying, “Kung tinanong ka niya kung chocolates or flowers? Be practical! BIGAS! Inday BIGAS! Happy Valentine’s Day!” (If someone were to ask you to choose between chocolates or flowers, be practical — choose rice! Girl, choose rice! Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Photo Credit: Santos

From the video uploaded on Santos’s Facebook page, the guys seem to have succeeded in their ploy to make their female colleagues smile and laugh during this special day of Love. So kudos to them for making V-Day memorable for the ladies at the office!

And for future V-Day presents, remember Santos’s caption in the Facebook post…

“Ang lalaking praktikal, bigas ang ibibigay. Sometimes Love is temporary but bigas is forever!” (A practical guy will give rice for Valentine’s Day. Because love is temporary but rice is forever!)



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