20 ‘they said in unison’ tweets that prove some of the wittiest people are on Twitter

January 23rd, 2018


“Are you ready to learn about rules and laws?”

Napoleon gulped.

Hammurabi nodded.

Justinian the Great shuddered.

Henry II blinked nervously.

“Yes, Dua Lipa” they said in unison.

— TW (@TyronWilson) January 7, 2018

LOL, but Dua Lipa recently broke her new rules!



“Are you ready to beat the traffic?”

Public buses gulped.

Jeepneys nodded.

Uber shuddered.

Grab blinks nervously.

“Yes Angkas,” they said in unison.

— Angkas (@angkas) January 11, 2018

Angkas, sweetie, you are greatly missed.



“Are you ready to learn how to write your characters in character and not do things for shock value?”

TV show writers gulped.

TV show writers nodded.

TV show writers blinked nervously.

TV show writers shuddered.

“Yes, fanfiction writers” they said in unison.

— ella 87 days (@lyannstarks) January 8, 2018



“are you ready for your Disney Princess lessons?”

Anna gulped.

Rapunzel nodded.

Cinderella shuddered.

Ariel blinked nervously.

“yes, Queen Mia Thermopolis Renaldi,” they said in unison.

— lia. | blow my back out killmonger (@rxmansblood) January 9, 2018

Queen Elsa decided to let it go.



“Are you ready to learn how to properly cook chicken?”

Jollibee gulped.

McDonald’s nodded.

KFC blinked nervously.

Chowkin shuddered.

“Y-yes, Mini-Stop.” they said in unison.

— ً (@raphaelmiguel) January 10, 2018

Mura na masarap pa!



“are you ready to become the best superheroes?”

x-men gulped.

justice league nodded.

the avengers shuddered.

fantastic four blinked nervously.

“yes, sharkboy and lava girl,” they said in unison.

— 🕸 (@rcgerstark) January 9, 2018



“Are you ready for your acting lessons?”

Cole Sprouse gulped.

Lili Reinhart nodded.

Camila Mendes shuddered.

KJ Apa blinked nervously.

“Yes, Finn Wolfhard.” they said in unison.

— faith (@milliesmaia) January 5, 2018

Finn Wolfhard’s hair could probably even win an acting award!



“Are you ready to learn immortality?”

Wolverine gulped.

Deadpool nodded.

Dr. Strange blinked nervously.

Kagerō of Flame of Recca shuddered.

“Yes Juan Ponce Enrile” they said in unison.

— IV AGUAS OF SPADES (@keiakamatsu) January 10, 2018

We need an immortality workshop.



"Are you ready to learn how to escape death?”

Lily Cruz gulped.

Cardo Dalisay nodded.

Naruto shuddered.

Han Solo blinked nervously.

“Yes, Juan Ponce Enrile." they said in unison.

— Jan Dwayne Señoron (@jandwayne) January 11, 2018

Seriously, what’s his secret?!



“Are you ready to become true crime fighting experts?”

James Bond shuddered.

Sherlock Holmes nodded.

Jason Bourne trembled.

Batman took a deep breath.

“yes, Perry the Platypus” they said in unison.

— Sour Cream and Onion (@MechPasta) January 9, 2018



“Are you ready to boost Philippine tourism?”

WOW Philippines gulped

Pilipinas Kay Ganda nodded

It’s More Fun in the Philippines shuddered

Experience the Philippines blinked nervously

“Yes, #SarapNgPinoy,” they said in unison.

— Regis Andanar (@RegisAndanar) January 11, 2018

Remember, remember, that party on Twitter.



“Are you ready to make iced coffee?”

Seattle’s Best gulped.

CBTL nodded.

Starbucks shuddered.

Tim Horton’s blinked nervously.

“Yes, Mcdo”, they said in unison.

— AC (@acequared) January 11, 2018



"Are you ready to be the best girl group ever?"

Fifth Harmony gulped.

Little Mix nodded.

Destiny's Child shuddered.

The Pussycat Dolls blinked nervously.

"Yes, SexBomb Girls." they said in unison.

— Bonnie (@bonnienay) January 11, 2018

With the longest TV series ever!



“Are you ready to make a teenage kilig movie?”

LizQuen gulped.

KathNiel nodded.

JaDine blinked nervously.

“Yes, Marvin & Jolina”, they said in unison.

— EC (@negativenzi) January 15, 2018

The phenomenal love team in the 90s.



“are you ready for your boyband lessons?”

one direction gulped.

n’sync nodded.

pretty much shuddered.

the backstreet boys shook in fear.

brockhampton blinked nervously.

“yes , jonas brothers.” they all said in unison

— love, kylie (@FEELINGBLOO) January 16, 2018



"Okay, so are you ready to learn difficult partner stunts?”

UP Pep Squad gulped.

UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe nodded.

FEU Cheering Squad shuddered.

NU Pep Squad blinked nervously.

“Yes, Enchong and Kim." they said in unison.

— baby d (@thedextertorres) January 10, 2018



“Are you ready to learn how to bring out your inner confidence?”

TED speakers gulped.

Teacher Georcelle nodded.

Bongbong Marcos blinked nervously.

“Yes, Janina”, they said in unison.

“And I’m only 17 years old ahahaha”, she replied.

— Jai Cabajardashian (@jaicabajar) January 11, 2018

HOWMAYGAHD, my pamileee! I don’t feel any pressure right now.



“Are you ready to make burgers?”

Jollibee gulped.

Mcdonald's nodded.

Wendy's shuddered.

Burger King blinked nervously.

“Yes, Angel”, they said in unison.

— Hana @ cRAMMING FOR BLUSHCON HOLY SH (@hana_tox) January 12, 2018



“Are you ready to learn proper courtesy?”

The Thais gulped.

The Japanese nodded.

The Canadians blinked nervously.

The Australians shuddered.

“Yes, Mike Enriquez" they said in unison.

— IV AGUAS OF SPADES (@keiakamatsu) January 11, 2018

Excuse me po.



“are you ready to learn how to get away with murder?”

Annalise keating gulped.

Wes gibbins nodded.

Frank delfino shuddered.

Connor walsh blinked nervously.

“yes, rodrigo duterte." they said in unison.

— 🌻 (@ripleya_) January 10, 2018

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