Comedian Steve-O adopts adorable stray doggo from Peru

January 22nd, 2018
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Comedian Steve-O,  best known for being part of the Jackass series, has adopted an adorable stray from the streets of Peru after having an instant connection with her. The dog, named Wendy, now travels everywhere with Steve and has been climbing mountains with him as well.

According to Steve, he bought a bag of dog food upon arriving in Peru and went walking around trying to befriend the stray dogs. He wanted to adopt one that he can take on mountain climbs while he was in the country. Most of the dogs wanted nothing to do with him, but Wendy was instantly comfortable around him and his friends.

Wendy and Steve’s first meeting. Screenshot from YouTube


That night, Steve snuck Wendy into their hotel, gave her a bath, and slept outside in a tent when they were told that they can’t keep animals inside.

Steve and his friends snuck Wendy into their hotel to give her a bath. Screenshot from YouTube.

That night, Steve decided to sleep outside to be with Wendy when the hotel management wouldn’t let her stay inside his room. Screenshot via Youtube

Steve also took Wendy to the vet to get her all checked up and vaccinated. Now, Wendy is living her best life as Steve’s travel and hiking buddy.

Wendy now climbs mountains with Steve and his crew. Screenshot via YouTube

Steve and Wendy in the mountains of Peru. Screenshot via YouTube

Steve was so happy to find that Wendy is such a pro at climbing!

According to the video, Wendy already has a ticket to L.A. where Steve will apply to have her become a service animal so he can take her everywhere he goes.

Check out the heartwarming video here:

Finding True Love!

I found true love on the streets of Peru. This is Wendy, you're going to love her too…

Posted by Steve-O on Friday, January 19, 2018


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