The Teletubbies have babies called ‘Tiddlytubbies’ and people have so many questions

July 31st, 2017

The Teletubbies features cute baby alien-looking characters: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po, who turned out to be not cute-sized at all in real life. When the truth about the Teletubbies’ height went viral, some people couldn’t get over the horrific discovery that the Teletubbies characters we see in our TV screens are actually 6 to 10 ft. tall.

I'm trying to relax and watch TV and can't get over the fact the Winky from Teletubbies is 10ft tall.

— Josh (@NeatMacintosh) February 28, 2017

What’s even disturbing is that the costume weighs more than 30 lbs and actors inside it can be in danger of carbon-dioxide buildup.


And just when you thought that the Teletubbies couldn’t get any weirder, now there are babies featured in it called “Tiddlytubbies” and people are losing their minds. Like, how did the Teletubbies had babies when we all thought they were “kids” themselves?



— g.c.f. (@lyenkrenz) July 23, 2017


For those, like us, haven’t catched up on the latest episodes of the show, the Teletubbies now have 8 Tiddlytubbies named Baa, Umby Pumby, Ping, Daa Daa, Nin, Mi-Mi, RuRu and Duggle Dee. They were first introduced in an episode of the series in 2015 and are back for the second season of Teletubbies showing on Nick Jr.

remember the teletubbies? they have kids now. feel old yet?

— rai (@seungchurros) January 6, 2017


— taylor (@Iucretias) July 24, 2017


People have so many questions on how these babies were even conceived… or created.


— the godking👑 (@__osi_) July 24, 2017

me using a color wheel to try and figure out who made the blue jit

— nina (@suaceeebih) July 24, 2017


Everyone is so confused.

How does this even happen

— Jmo ✨ (@mooreplease16) July 24, 2017

The teletubbies had telebabies growing in their teletummies and no one fucking teletold me???

— HoustonBarbie (@Houstonbarbiee) July 24, 2017


Some are being creative with their theories on how the Teletubbies had “telebabies”.

To avoid confusion, i'll just assume their antennas were used liked genitals, had a massive teletorgy, then all gave birth simultaneously.

— Vito (@viXiSaavedra) July 24, 2017

taste the rainbow

(((i will never talk again, ever)))

— g.c.f. (@lyenkrenz) July 24, 2017

And when did the tellytubbies have kids!? Must have missed late night edition
Did Po Dipsy his Tinywinky in someone's La la? #tiddlytubbies

— MrCrystalballer (@MrCrystalballer) May 24, 2017


Seeing the Tiddlytubbies’ colors, others are figuring out who’s the parent of each baby.

Just wasted time figuring out which Teletubbies are the parents of which Tiddlytubbies. A scandal emerged! #tiddlytubbies

— Kim Craven (@kimcareycraven) July 25, 2017

Hmmm they were always super touchy

— rei (@reillythornton) July 25, 2017


Some are even questioning the gender of the Teletubbies.

I always thought they was gay ….

— Khonsu 🌍🌈 ♍ (@SweetzXCV) July 24, 2017


And are we forgetting that we thought they were siblings too?

I thought they were siblings…😨😵😨😵

— Pautato (@PolahBuligan) July 24, 2017


We’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones to know this is possible.

— Space Force Roops (@TheRoops) July 24, 2017


Honestly, all of us right now:

im teleshook

— gangsta. (@KAlBILLS) July 24, 2017




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