Faith in humanity restored as ‘good fella’ finds phone missing for 7 months and returns it

July 24th, 2018

When you lose something in Metro Manila, either by accident or by a pickpocket, the chances of getting it back are slim. And after you get robbed, the worse part is you’ll also get blamed for it, “kasi hindi ka nag-iingat“.

On Facebook, Cha Buenconsejo shared how she unexpectedly got her missing phone back when a good samaritan handed it back to her.

“The joy of getting my phone back after missing for 7 months pales in comparison to the comfort of knowing there are still good hearted people out there…” she wrote on her post.

The joy of getting my phone back after missing for 7 months pales in comparison to the comfort of knowing there are…

Posted by Cha Buenconsejo on Monday, July 23, 2018

Seven months after it went missing, Buenconsejo never thought her phone would be returned to her. According to her, she believe she might have left it in an Uber but she has no idea how it ended up on a bus 7 months after.

She shared that a random guy texted her claiming that he found a “Lost iPhone” a few days ago on an air conditioned bus in Fairview. “Obviously it’s insane cos i lost my phone 7 MONTHS AGO,” she said.

The guy even apologized to Buenconsejo for letting her know just now that he found her phone because he had to buy a charger so he can turn it on and see who it belongs to.

Naturally, her friends advised her not to meet up with the guy and warned her about a possible modus but she took the chance anyway. “Everyone told me not to meet up with him. A lost & found phone being returned after 7 months is just too good to be true,” she told InqPOP!

But she said that what made her trust him was how he ended his messages with “god bless”.

“And it was the last thing he said after we parted. He didn’t want photos taken, he didn’t want my money. He just left me with a reminder to take good care of my things then rode the jeep.”

Buenconsejo said that she knew the guy was a “good fella” the moment she saw him. He handed her the phone along with the charger he bought. “[M]ahirap kumita pakiangatan[sic] niyo yung gamit niyo mukhang mahal yung phone na yan,” he even reminded her.

Faith in humanity restored, indeed!


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