WATCH: South Korean woman scattering cash on the streets is how extra you’d want to be

July 26th, 2018

Christmas came early as a secret Santa tried to give millions worth of money to everyone—never mind if they’re naughty or nice!

A woman who probably didn’t have much place to keep her wealth, decided to just throw away millions of cash on the streets as an act of charity while she was driving around Daegu, South Korea.

According to Korea Herald, police collected cash amounting to 15.8 million won (over Php 750,000) from various places where the 51-year-old woman scattered her money. Report says that the woman had moved from Seoul to Daegu where her family lives and that the money was from from the deposit for the lease of her residence in Seoul.

The driver’s reason for throwing away millions of cash is still unknown. But apparently, the woman expressed her desire to “give money to people,” her mother told the police. Unfortunately for some people, picking up someone else’s money on the street is considered theft so people had no choice but to return all the money to the police.

The bizarre incident was caught in a video by a nearby car’s dashboard camera where the woman is seen dumping cash on the streets as she speeds away.

Police identified the woman through the plate number seen in the video and they’re planning to return the money to her if she claims it.


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