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#BreakTheBias films to watch to celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2022 is all about breaking biases and having gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow. Let us celebrate this special day for women with these films you can watch that will inspire and empower women and girls with some #BreakTheBias action.

Queen & Slim


When their first date turns out to have an unexpected turn, Queen and Slim run for their lives after having to commit a crime in self-defense. Labeled as cop killers by the media, they had no choice but to evade the law. This film shows racism and police brutality wherein the two outlaws are being criticized despite evidence of inequality and discrimination.

Queen and Slim fit the theme of IWD because they fight for their rights hoping for a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Queen represents how black women have been called aggressive, and her character understands that even if the world sees her as a black woman, she still stands firm of her morals all the while being courageous.

Little Women


A film where four sisters grow up, find love and find their place in the world while living with their outspoken mother. They have grown to be such cultivated women that inspires girls to be honest and worthy.

Throughout the film, biases and discmrimination against women are discussed with the second-oldest daughter Jo March. They have defended and spoken about the stand of women in a patriarchal world which is fitting for this year’s theme for IWD — breaking the bias.

Hidden Figures

Three outstanding African-American female mathematicians are the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history at NASA. Though colorism is prominent in their society, the trio stands up against racial discrimination.

A film on notable women of history, Hidden Figures presents the visionary trio who crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dream big. This film touches on this year’s theme with lessons on gender inequality, stereotypes, and diversity.

The Help


Southern society girl Skeeter who aspires to be a writer interviews a Black woman who has spent her life taking care of prominent white families. This film represents how racism affected aspects of social life in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi.

This film empowers women to push differences and embrace confidence to change your life and find true happiness. The Help gives a lesson on diversity where everyone, no matter how different, should be valued, celebrated, and treated with respect.

10 things I hate about you


Unlike other girls, Katarina Stratford is an abrasive, unabashed feminist teen but is smart and pretty. With her outspoken personality, Katarina is different from her younger sister. With house rules that say she can’t date unless Kat has a boyfriend, the young sister finds a way to get her sister to date.

Being a woman with a strong personality, this film breaks the bias on stereotypes and shows a different type of femininity. This film inspires women with the idea that happiness comes from being yourself.



Clearly, Shrek is one of the best animated films that specializes in Hotarian satire. It is not the typical story of a fairytale but it sure deals with breaking the bias of it. It follows an ogre who lives in peace at a far away swamp and eventually has his home invaded by fairy tale characters. Determined to save their home, Shrek makes a deal of rescuing a princess.

This film breaks biases and the stereotypical image of how a Princess is portrayed in fairy tales. Fiona’s crime fighting skills really give “Girl power” vibes and her character is an empowering role for females to see the ability of full acceptance and self love. Not only Fiona is breaking bias on women stereotypes, she also embodies what it looks like to be happy when choosing to love yourself.



This film represents the theme for this year’s IWD. Their family’s individual uniqueness inspires girls and all audiences to see that we are not defined by our abilities. #BreakTheBias is present in most of the female characters like Luisa and Isabela where in time they choose for themselves.

Extraordinary family Madrigal is blessed with a unique gift that helps their community, which they have built, thrive with their help. While each child receives a gift except Mirabel, she discovers how the magic surrounding the Encanto is now in danger.

The Princess and the Frog


Tiana’s impeccable character is a reason why she is such a strong lady. A woman with big dreams and a great role model, she dreams of opening a restaurant in New Orleans. However, plans have changed when she gets entangled with a spell casted on Prince Naveen who turned into a frog. The two make their way to an adventure to bring things back the way they are.

This film gives out an important lesson for the girls that even though Tiana was told that she was being “too ambitious,” she still stood her ground as a woman who works hard for what she wants. The Princess and the Frog shows how Tiana breaks biases and shatters the stereotype of working women and the idea of being “too ambitious.”

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Flint Lockwood is a failed inventor who thinks he is the answer to the crisis of his mundane town Swallow Falls. A town who has an abundant source of sardines, Flint builds a machine that converts water into food which made him a local hero. He finds his way befriending a young weather intern Sam Sparks, an aspiring meteorologist. Along with his monkey friend Steve and others, they seek to resolve the danger of his invention.

While all characters are individually unique, Sam Sparks can be a role model for girls who feel afraid of being their true self as she is a perfect example of a woman breaking biases. This animated film displayed how some girls are belittled for their intelligence, but Sam she was able to accept her true self of having a nerdy personality and can still be beautiful in her own way.



Nothing can get more feminist than a female rabbit being ridiculed for entering a male-dominated profession. Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live and thrive. Judy Hopps was the first rabbit to join the police force and gets an opportunity to solve a mysterious case. As much as it’s a life-turning event for her, she needs to work with a wily fox who makes her job more difficult.

Zootopia is a notable film filled with important lessons that fits to this year’s IWD theme. It tackles on a lesson of celebrating one another for what makes us unique, breaking biases and discrimination. The film subtly displays a message that racial profiling by police and society is bad.


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