HBO Max uploads the censored version of ‘Birds of Prey’ by mistake

December 02nd, 2021

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is now streaming on HBO Max, but fans aren’t too happy about it because the streaming service had uploaded the broadcast version instead of the original R-rated film. 

The broadcast edit censored a lot from the original film — the violent and gory scenes, the swearing, Harley Quinn flashing her middle fingers and even T-shirt that Renee Montoya wore (the shirt originally says, “I shaved my balls for this” but in the censored cut the words “my balls” were blurred out). If you watch the film on HBO Max, a notice will appear at the start indicating that the film had been edited from its original R-rated version.  

Fans were quick to pick up on this and took to social media to point out that it was a strange move for HBO Max to censor the film when the streaming service has plenty of other uncensored films in its vast collection of titles. 

Birds of Prey was the first R-rated film from DC’s cinematic universe that wasn’t an alternate edition of a film that has previously been released, so fans were worried that the original R-rated version of the film was gone for good from HBO Max. But luckily, that won’t be a problem. 

Turns out that HBO Max had made a mistake. A spokesperson from Warner Bros. confirmed to IGN that uploading the censored version of Birds of Prey was a mistake. They also confirmed that the R-rated film will be restored to the service. 

It looks like HBO Max quickly fixed their mistake. As of November 28, the streaming service has removed the censored cut and replaced it with the original R-rated version of Birds of Prey. 


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