‘Adele sunbaenim’ trends as she’s set to appear on a South Korean TV show

November 15th, 2021

When K-Pop artists refer to their Western counterparts, they often add “sunbaenim” after saying their name as a sign of respect. “Sunbaenim” in English, means that a person is much more experienced than the one using the word, and is a way Koreans show respect to their elders or for their seniors in any kind of industry. 

And in today’s case, well, K-Pop stans immediately brought the topic “Adele sunbaenim” to Twitter’s trending topics. The reason: the popular British singer was announced to appear on a show by South Korean TV Channel “MBC TV” this month. 

K-Pop stans and fans of Adele were on the floor after seeing this news, sharing all of their emotions on Twitter as they try to process the information—through memes of course. 


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