LF: A spooky staycation? Airbnb will be renting out the house from Scream

October 11th, 2021

Vacations are usually for rest and relaxation, but if you’re in the mood for something more exciting and thrilling, then you’re in luck — Airbnb will soon be renting out Sidney Prescott’s house from the movie Scream. 

Scream’s fifth installment will be coming out soon, and Airbnb is helping to promote its release by letting fans stay at the iconic house of Sidney Prescott in the film. The house will only be available for three nights (October 27, 29, and 31), but for only $5 a night, you can stay at the house and immerse yourself in the full Scream fans experience, complete with Scream-themed snacks and the chance to see the house’s movie-accurate details up close. The house can accommodate up to four guests, so you can bring your friends too!

David Arquette Scream house airbnb

The Scream experience also comes with an introduction from Dave Arquette, in character as Dewey Riley. The intro will make it seem like the house is being rented in-universe, so it will feel like something that could inspire a new plot for another Scream movie. Hey, for $5 you and your friends can feel like you’ll be the next victims in a Scream movie! How cool is that? 

Aside from being able to see the house up close, you’ll also be able to marathon the original four Scream movies on VHS so you’ll be all caught up when the fifth Scream movie comes out. You can also munch on some Scream-themed snacks while you’re at it, like Reddi-whip-topped ice cream and Jiffy Pop. 

Okay, but here’s the real icing on the cake — you can also call up Ghostface. No, really, the house will also be provided a direct phone line that you can use to call them. You’ll be staying at the house for the Scream experience, right? Why wait for Ghostface to show up and terrify you and your friends when you can just hit them up? 

If you want to Airbnb Sidney Prescott’s house and meet Ghostface, you can make your reservation at Airbnb’s website, but reservations will only open starting on October 12. Airbnb will be making a donation to Ween Dream, a charity that gives out free Halloween costumes to kids in need. 


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