Brendan Fraser misses start of a video call playing his Nintendo Switch

August 28th, 2021

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably had several instances where you’re so absorbed into the game you’re playing that you don’t notice that your mom’s been calling you or that your online class has already started (oops). Totally understandable — video games can be really addicting. 

Even Hollywood star Brendan Fraser has had that experience. He missed the start of a virtual meet-and-greet because he was busy playing his Nintendo Switch. 

In a video uploaded on YouTube by user Scott Lawrence, Fraser is seen in the zone playing his Nintendo Switch with his game face on, not realizing that the video call has already started. Scott politely tries to grab the star’s attention, to which Fraser responds comically by holding up a finger to signal for Scott to wait. Someone then pipes in to say that they’ll take a picture “once Brendan is ready.” This managed to grab Fraser’s attention as he quickly puts away his Nintendo Switch and smiles for a picture. 

It hasn’t been revealed what game Fraser was playing on his Switch, but some speculate he was playing either Animal Crossing or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

It might look like an unprofessional move on Fraser’s part to miss the start of a video call due to being engrossed in a game, but note that it could just have been for comical purposes and Fraser did it on purpose as a light and funny start to a short meet-and-greet. 

Scott has clarified that the video call wasn’t an actual interview. The virtual meet-and-greet was arranged through GalaxyCon, which is a comic book conference in the U.S. where fans can pay money to have brief one-on-one chats with their favorite celebrities. 

Seeing Fraser playing with a Nintendo Switch has caught the attention of some of his fans on Twitter. Some even noticed that his Switch has the label “Fraser” stuck on the back of the handheld console. One fan also commented that Nintendo should offer the star a “sponsorship deal for good publicity.”

Well, whether or not it was just an act, seeing a Hollywood star miss the start of his video call due to being distracted by a video game is just one of the funniest and most wholesome things ever.


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