Ali Young’s debut single ‘Craving’ set to be released this June 2021

May 31st, 2021

Sexy, free, and single. If there were three words that would describe up and coming singer Ali Young, these would be it. Under the helm of recently announced entertainment technology company Alibatta Records, new artist Ali is set to make history as the first Filipino singer with her debut single being released not just on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, but also on major cryptocurrency exchange player, Binance. 

This move is unconventional and the first of its kind, given that the business of the platform is for trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. More recently however, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has announced that they will be launching a new marketplace for NFTs or Non-fungible tokens. NFTs took the creative world by storm as it provided a technology that enables digital artists to “mint” their creations via blockchain, that it becomes one-of-a-kind, with verifiable proof that it belongs to the person who minted it. This is especially important for artists like Ali, rendering the need for intermediaries less as their creative output can now be validated, and licensed with little gatekeeping from agencies. 

Ali Young

The 25 year old singer, Ali, or “Anica” as she is endeared by family and friends, started singing at a young age and hopped on the bandwagon of being social media famous, before there it was the preferred job of the majority of the Gen Zs. She posted acoustic covers of popular international singer Taylor Swift and local artists like Yeng Constantino and amassed millions of views with a lot of her content going viral being reposted by the artists that she was covering. She took up an Industrial Design program in college, but knows deep inside, her love for music was greater than any decision written on any university admissions paper. With an adventurous heart and an explosive need to express herself with her music, at 22 years old, she packed her bags and signed on to sing at a cruise line expanding her horizons to tourists at European seas. It’s unfortunate that the adventure was cut short by the ongoing pandemic and she had to be sent back to her hometown of Laguna, Philippines. 

In 2021, Alibatta Records reached out to her, in the form of a close friend and frequent collaborator, the label’s head Geoff Mabasa, to partake on a special project, one that has never been done before for the Filipino market.

“I believe there’s always a perfect timing for everything, and this could be Ali’s calling. She’s meant to be a part of something more disruptive, something that our music history and music technology professors would be teaching in the next years to come as a milestone in Filipino music.” As a tech entrepreneur, 

Geoff Mabasa has always dreamt of fusing his educational background in Music Production and his professional expertise in tech with a special project. 

When asked what her debut song is all about, Ali says: “Women should be able to express how they feel without being judged. So the next time you feel like you have the need to satisfy a certain ‘craving’, listen to the song, and I hope it empowers you to just go for it.” 

Ali Young exudes pure confidence singing about women empowerment, with beats familiar to fans’ senses as it is influenced by pop and R&B from western artists UMI, H.E.R, and Raveena. The project kicks off with Ali’s first single “Craving” to be released through major streaming platforms on June 25, 2021, and a Record Store Day limited NFT version released through the Binance NFT Marketplace this June.


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