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The cutest stray dog thief finally found a new home

April 08th, 2021

A stray dog who kept stealing a purple unicorn stuffed toy finally found a new family.

A stray dog named Sisu was reported to animal control by employees of a dollar general store in Kenansville, North Carolina. Sisu was caught five times trying to enter the store to steal the same purple unicorn plushie.

The animal control officer who went to pick him up knew that this dog was obsessed with that stuffed unicorn. Sisu seemed like he was longing for a companion, so instead of leaving the store with only the dog, the officer bought the $10 stuffed toy for him to keep.

This story was posted on the Facebook page of Duplin County Animal Services and went viral.

Sisu was described as “sassy with other dogs” but “very obedient” with humans. He knows basic commands for trained dogs like sitting, stay, and heel.

sisu dog

via Mary Shannon Johnstone

Sisu might be a kleptomaniac but he is still a lovable dog. Since his story became well-known on the internet, he quickly found a new family that would adopt him.

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