Image: screenshot from Mir TV

LOOK: Dog steals reporter’s mic, viewers’ hearts on live TV

April 07th, 2021

A Russian reporter had a “ruff” time on live TV when a dog grabbed her microphone and took off, starting a chase that stunned newscasters and melted viewers’ hearts.

Nadezhda Serezhkina was just starting her live standup on Mir TV about warm weather coming to Moscow when Martin, a golden retriever, made a high jump that scored the stick in his mouth.

mir tv 1 dog

Image: screenshot from Mir TV

The correspondent finally caught up with the newshound, who let go of the mic. Serezhkina resumed her live broadcast, while patting her new friend.

mir tv 2 dog

Image: screenshot from Mir TV

The video of the Thursday incident quickly became one of the most popular on Mir TV’s YouTube channel, getting almost 500,000 views in four days. JB


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